Kevin She

Owner of the biggest self-storage chain, SC Storage, in hong kong and Macau with over 65 locations. Throughout the years, the key to his success has been adopting the latest tools and tricks in the realm of digital marketing. Kevin thinks that strategies for brick and mortar companies are a bit different than e-commerce sites or selling information. As a student of digital marketing and owner of a brick and mortar company, he seeks to meet more masters of digital marketing and learn from them to see how it can apply to our business.


Scott Jensen

Marketing and business consultant at Jensen Marketing. He utilizes an analytical, calculated approach combined with careful local, national and global market research to ensure business growth. Scott has also managed development of SEM software, oversaw implementation of 1st page listings for SEO industry terms, managed design and integration of curriculum and proprietary software for brick and mortar and web-based schools, pioneered local marketing strategies across over 1,100 facilities, and led the Website Optimization team that won the Google Website Workout contest, generating an over 26% increase in revenue. He is highly passionate about his work and enjoys any opportunity to further advance and build on my diverse skill set.


Listen to episode 1 of Digital to Foot Traffic: DTFT 1: Show Introduction

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