DTFT 12: Amazon Marketing with Antoni Watt

“Amazon is a search engine and is not a product company.”

Antoni Watt

Antoni Watt is a digital nomad who moved to Hong Kong 12 years ago to do export and trading out of China. He is one of the creators of CASHCOWPRO, an Amazon software tool which includes all the features you need to grow your Amazon business. He is an Amazon expert with software experience background who will give light to our Amazon questions.

During the episode, Antoni gives tips and strategies on how to convert traffic to your retail stores using Amazon. He gives us a better understanding of how the marketing in Amazon works and increase the rank of our products. He explains what their newly developed software, cashcowpro, does and how it helps run and grow your Amazon business.

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DTFT 12 Show Notes:


Software: Cashcowpro.com

Antoni’s email: antoni@cashcowpro.com


Time Stamps:

00:38 – Antoni’s background

01:48 – Retail stores on Amazon

03:58 – Building traffic on Amazon

05:43 – Amazon advertising

06:21 – Location-based products

07:20 – Their software and what it does

09:23 – SEO tips to rank higher

11:34 – Dual strategy

13:58 – Delivery and time competence

21:53 – Pricing on Amazon

23:49 – The Cashcowpro


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