DTFT 15: Digital Marketing Technique for European Markets with Nils Horstmann

“One of my life goals is to make any business in Hong Kong”

Nils Horstmann

Nils Horstmann is the Founder and Managing Director of Eviom, a digital marketing consultancy company dedicated to developing digital marketing strategies that would help you achieve success in the digital world. Nils is a qualified business economist making him the person responsible for overall repeat client support. He has vast knowledge and experience in digital marketing that has made a great contribution to the creation of Eviom.

During the episode, Nils imparts his knowledge in the world of digital marketing. He gives recommendations on what digital strategies to use including what online platform is cheaper for converting traffic to your businesses. He shares when and how his company started and he reveals some recommendations on the perfect country to start a business. For all the business-savvy listeners, this episode is for you!

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DTFT 15 Show Notes:




Time Stamps:

01:03 – When and how he started his company

04:57 – Getting access to big clients

08:04 – Recommendations on what digital marketing strategies to use

08:41 – Which is cheaper, Facebook or Google?

13:51 – Internet Media Platform in the U.S.

17:08 – Effects of the New Data Policy

20:11 – Future plans for the company

21:01 – Recommendations on where to start a company

22:25 – Example of successful clients

26:11 – Eviom background information


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