DTFT 11: Building Coworking Spaces with Sam Marks

“Understanding what you are investing in is as important as anything.”

Sam Marks


Sam Marks is the co-host of Invest Like A Boss Podcast and co-founder of Coworker which connects the global coworking industry. He is an entrepreneur and investor who concentrates on scalable start-ups. He is always updated with new trends which makes him a huge success in starting up a business.

During the episode, Sam reveals strategies in starting up a coworking business. Since remote workers have grown vastly over the past few years, coworking businesses have also been developing. He gives tips on how to make this business appealing to people and what to consider when creating one.

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DTFT 11 Show Notes:





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Time Stamps:

01:51 – Why he and his co-host started Invest Like A Boss Podcast?

03:25 – Learning and takeaways from their podcast

05:11 – Why they created Coworker?

07:25 – The idea of coworking office

08:22 – Their office model

09:58 – What appeals to people more than price?

12:36 – The future of coworking spaces

21:10 – What to consider when starting a coworking business

25:56 – Ad strategy for Coworker

27:35 – Blogs and contents of Coworker

29:01 – How to be updated with new trends


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