DTFT 3: Local Paid Search Strategies for Retailers with Gabe Thayn of Adigma

“The day you turn on a paid search campaign will be the day you start getting visitors directly to your site.”

Gabe Thayn


Gabe Thayn is a paid search genius with a vast experience in paid search campaigns for over 8-10 years. He is the man behind Adigma, a data-driven, innovative marketing technology company which uses custom built, data-driven paid search marketing structure to create an individualized toolset for businesses.

This is the first part of a very informative episode on paid search campaigns. Gabe discusses the beauty of paid search and how it improves traffic for retail stores. He shares strategies on how to set up a paid search campaign, how to increase conversions, and how to effectively advertise businesses. He gives away paid search marketing tips to boost your campaign and grow your business.

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DTFT 3 Show Notes:





Time Stamps:

1:11 – Gabe’s background

2:58 – Advantages of paid search

3:50 – Local vs. Global paid search

8:20 – Setting up a paid search campaign

11:32 – How much should you bid for advertising?

14:19 – Tracking conversions

16:41 – Cross-device conversions

19:06 – Mobile and desktop front

23:35 – When to turn off conversions?

25:03 – Mistakes in paid search bidding


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