DTFT 13: SEO Online Education with Tommy Griffith

“We are trying to get everyone caught up to speed on digital marketing trends.”

Tommy Griffith

Tommy Griffith is the Head of Learning and Development at Clickminded, an online education support which provides digital marketing training for startups and agencies. He has been doing digital marketing for 10 years and had been an SEO manager for both Airbnb and Paypal. He discovered the tweaks in SEO when he was able to sell his ebook to 250 people by increasing the price from $5 to $47. How did he do it?

During the episode, Tommy allows you to take a glimpse inside the digital world of the two most used online platforms which are Airbnb and Paypal. He differentiates the SEO approach between these two services and how they measure its success. He explains how taking online courses help individuals succeed both in the digital marketing career and in businesses. Listen in and learn some tips and tricks on how to level up in the SEO industry.

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DTFT 13 Show Notes:


Tommy’s LinkedIn – Linkedin.com/in/tommygriffith

Clickminded – Clickminded.com

ClickMinded SEO Strategy Guide

Youtube – Youtube.com/clickminded


Time Stamps:

04:38 – How did he and Kevin meet?

06:04 – Tommy’s background

10:42 – Diff. in SEO approach between Paypal and Airbnb

14:22 – Measuring success in both platforms

16:53 – Basic digital marketing structure of Airbnb

20:04 – Airbnb’s team management

21:40 – What drives him to do online education?

24:20 – Benefits of online learning

25:28 – Students’ success from taking SEO courses

26:49 – The future of SEO: Voice search

30:23 – City specific ranking

31:27 – Tips for Airbnb hosts

33:22 – Advice for local marketers on voice search


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