DTFT 1: Show Introduction

“That’s exactly how digital marketing is supposed to work is to find the person, at the right time, at the right moment, to get them what they need”

 Scott Jensen 


Welcome to the first episode of Digital to Foot Traffic!

This show explores the latest digital marketing trends and uncovers strategies from the best in the industry. Hosted by Kevin She and Scott Jensen, featuring experts in the digital community, this show will help you build marketing plans that will massively impact your business.

Kevin is the owner of the biggest self-storage chain in Hong Kong and Macau with over 65 locations. Scott is a Senior Marketing and Business Strategies who utilizes an analytical and calculated approach to ensure business growth. Digital to Foot Traffic brings you into the digital world where you discover new ideas that will bring success to your brick and mortar business!

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DTFT 1 Show Notes:


Find out more about Kevin and Scott here.


Time Stamps:

0:53 – Scott’s background

1:20 – Importance of Digital Marketing

2:41 – Kevin’s background

4:27 – Difference between Digital and Traditional Marketing

8:08 – Transitioning from yellow paper ads to completely digital

11:38 – When to use both digital and traditional marketing

12:56 – Click-through rate

15:34 – Quality Score

17:51 – Steps for an effective digital marketing

28:24 – How to determine good from bad SEO agencies

33:16 – Google vs. Bing

40:51 – Digital Marketing tips to impact your business


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